Conspiracy Theories

For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by conspiracy theories (here's one of my faves, though the site has deteriorated since my last visit - message board is better), the paranormal, the unknown, the ancient. Perhaps it's a legacy left from my formative years. Dad was an evangelist who used a lot of slide footage etc from ancient Egypt to talk about Biblical truths, and my crib during those meetings was the equipment box.. :)

This morning, of course, the big news is the release of two "videos" - more like stills from a security cam, but nevertheless - of the plane that apparently hit the Pentagon on 9/11. There's something to be said about viral internet there, as they're hosted on YouTube!

OK, I watched them, and did a back-and-forward, and still can't see any real plane. But I guess that's to be expected when shots are taken a second or so apart, and an object like a plane is moving quickly.

However, these videos are supposed to counter the conspiracy theories flying around the internet, a few of which are listed here.

Now I'm not one to go off half-cocked and believe anything and everything that's out there. But I do find it fascinating to hear two sides (or more!) to the story. I suspect that's carried over into my spiritual life too (see yesterday's entry on Evolving Theology!), now that I think about it.

What really happened? Perhaps the official version is right. Perhaps any one of the conspiracies has an element of truth too. Maybe it's a mix of both. Who's to know?

Whatever truth is "out there" (yup, I'm an X-Files fan too), I do enjoy a good investigation. Biased or not! :)