An Evolving Theology

Was chatting to a friend yesterday, and got onto the subject of how his theology has changed as his views on some aspects of life change.

And I realized mine has too! Where I was a few years ago, I'm far away from today. What I would have considered awful, terrible, not at all Christian, today I accept as part of the God-child I am.

It's a journey, and I'm not terribly worried about the destination. Which probably sounds strange. It's just that I've changed from a "this is right, you are wrong" type into one far more accepting of the many views and perspectives present in this world. I find myself irritated at folk who are intolerant of others. I'm also finding it more and more difficult to conform to expectations that don't measure up to what I now believe.

I don't know yet how my theology will change - how it will grow and evolve, or fall away and die in places. But I don't have sleepless nights because of it. I'm willing to simply continue walking the path, discovering interesting new turns and vistas. It may run parallel to others, or it may take a wide swing into its own direction.

Wherever it goes, it's a fascinating ride.