Time Out

I realized yesterday that I have a mere 3 weeks until my reward for 10 years of work here arrives. An entire month off.

And I still haven't decided what to do with it!

I'd love to travel a bit, but there's no cash to do so. Not even for a meagre road-trip. Being the middle of winter, camping is not the best option either.

I'd like to get a course of some sort under the belt - but what? And why should I use my extra leave up for that, when we have a "staff development programme" that will let me do it during working hours? :)

The other option is to get my business up and running - website, stock, advertising, labelling & logo etc. I think this is the one I'll be running with. Provided I can come up with the extra cash required to get things needed, like ingredients and equipment and printing costs and website hosting fees. I think I can manage that. And a long block of time (during which my son will be at school for most of it) will give me a chance to sit quietly, plan well, and work hard.

Leave? What leave? A working holiday - that's what!

(I also suspect I may be called in to work now and then to handle "emergencies"... but what can one do if not out of the country)