Escape 2

At the end of this day, I've realized that I need a holiday. Not just a break from work where I stay here, but a holiday far away from home where I don't know anyone and nothing is familiar.

I have had the day from hell. I spent a good deal of it in tears, and some other bits of it being cheered up by a funny friend. I have had my mind battered around in my head, and my emotions tossed every which way.

Add that to a lack of sleep, a lack of food (food makes me feel ill just looking at it), and constant noise - and I'm starting to get very, very irritable.

I've shouted at the kid this evening, at the dogs (who somehow seem to bark louder and harder and more constantly when I'm like this), at inanimate objects like the hosepipe. I have a headache to die for/from and just noticed I'm grinding my teeth.

A road trip won't do it. Nor will a change of scenery for a day. I need to leave, completely. Just go. Disappear. Get the hell away from it all.

Trouble is, I can't. Instead I'll need to find ways to stay sane without heading for that dark downward spiral of slow insanity, where it feels the walls are pressing in and if someone looks at me wrong they'll end up dead.

The only question is - how?