The REAL Mother's Day

I have found the meaning of Mother's Day. The REAL meaning.

Basically, it's what you do every day - with some added tasks thrown in for good measure! :)

Sure, we had a nice brunch with the relatives in Cape Town - but we do that now and then anyway, and will be back there in 2 weeks for my nephew's birthday party.

Other than that, I did the washing, cleaning, driving, meal-making... and the kid only said "happy mother's day (it's mother's day?)!" when my dad sent a text-message through for him to give me a hug for the occasion.

He spent all his money (and some of mine) on a new PS2 game on Friday, so no box of choccies, no flowers, no card for me... Instead he lay around on his game while I had to fetch and carry. As usual. In other words, it was just another Sunday.

I guess that's what being a mom is really all about after all.

(And although I've never been one for sentimental holidays, somehow it just makes me feel really down tonight. Perhaps just overtired)