A Busy Mind

Where's the off-button for my head? Anyone know? I've been tossing and turning again at night as my mind goes off on random tangents. Perhaps blogging some of the stuff will get it out, clear the space, and give room for other things.

* I heard from the Landy guy last night. The offer is being considered, and although lower than he would have liked, is "not unreasonable". I should know either way in the next week or so. In the meantime dreams of the darn vehicle persist, with her popping up randomly in unexpected places. I wonder if it was a "premonition" that I dreamt 2 nights ago that she was delivered to my house...

* I'm not really a believer in a general "Force of the Universe", prefering to call that God - but "The Universe" seems to have decided I'll make my money off food. I made a batch of fudge this weekend, gave out a few pieces to random friends, and it's proved so popular that I've started selling it! Add to this regular orders for brownies, focaccia, pizza base mix and cakes - and I'm pulling in up to half my salary in food sales some months! Which is pretty fine by me.

* Still pondering the babycare thing. I'm doing some enquiries to see what the minimum age for normal daycare is (I suspect 2) and will then look at filling the less-than-that gap. I hope to get some indication of how many parents need this specialized care locally before I go off and actually do it.

* There's a name and telephone number sitting on my desk staring at me. An opthalmologist, who has lazered a friend's eyes into sight perfection. I need to make an appointment to find out whether it's an option for me too - but as these things go, I have yet to get up the courage. Silly me.

* My dad turns 60 this weekend! And we still don't know what he wants to be when he grows up.. :) I wish we could be there for the Big Bash they're having (at church - his Aussie family). But all we can do is send off a parcel with all sorts of goodies in, and give him a call. I'd love to have a stash of cash that lets me travel at will. Heck, I'd love to have a stash of cash - period! :)

* The Department of Maintenance has once again turned into the Department of Destruction (or at least the Department of Big Holes) here. They started making a doorway or something through one of our thick, ancient mud-brick building walls downstairs yesterday. They're back at it this morning. The joke going around, based on our mission statement, is that we believe in "hole-istic" education, and in training the "hole" person... But in the meantime we have dust and noise to contend with. That's the first image below. The second one is another doorway they did on my floor 2 months ago. The third one is a hole they made last week. If they carry on this way, the building is going to fall down pretty soon!