The Chitty Alphabet Tag

As I seem to be able to get no form of confirmation that the "Michelle" tagged by Chitty is actually me, I'm going to assume it was.

"The rules are simple: Write 10 words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along."

So much for instructions, and he's kindly passed the letter J on to me.

J is for:

1. Jason: My son, the one thing that turned my entire life around. What can one say about your kid? Too much to fill this short paragraph. But he's my life, and everything I do is in some way connected with him, his future, and our lives together. (Jason is also the name of my very first boyfriend in primary school. That lasted 2 weeks - his parents were about to move back to the USA when he asked me out! :) )

2. Jelly: When I was a kid it was all the rage to have a packet of jelly powder in your lunchbox at school, and eat it dry. My mom used to make "angel fluff" by mixing whipped-up Ideal milk with jelly and letting it set. And there's nothing like slurp-eating a big spoonful on a hot day. But I'm a traditionalist - don't give me these newfangled varieties (bubblegum, banana etc.). I'm fine with greengage, or lemon, or rasberry thanks.

3. Jump: Call me weird, but Van Halen's "Jump" has been one of my favourite songs for years and years and years. Yes, it's on the "worst songs" list of many, but I love it.

4. Jealous: I hated it when boyfriends were. I can be when I see overland vehicles in traffic. I feel twinges of it now and then when I see creativity, or cash thrown around like water, or a happy-ever-after movie. But it doesn't feature that much in my life. I simply don't let it.

5. July: The mid-year month - or perhaps a uniquely Cape South African phrase - "Ju Laai!" (you lie!) - expressing astonishment or disbelief.

6. Jiggly: What I wish my thighs would stop being. And that little bit on my tummy that refuses to be Anastacia-flat. But I'm getting there.

7. Jaded: The older you get, the more likely you are to be jaded. No, not turned into a stone and carved into ornaments. Just disillusioned with life. It's my aim not to be, but rather to see the world with fresh eyes regularly, adjust my compass and sally forth on new adventures befitting where I'm at.

8. Journal: What I once thought a blog was. However, it's more like a community, a conversation, a record-of-days. I once had a journal - a real paper and ink one. But it's become a medium I can't keep at. Blogging, however, I'm addicted to!

9. Jacaranda: Always associated with pink-eye for me - not that I've had it, but as kids we were always warned against getting the sap from these wonderful purple-flowered trees in our eyes. We used to avoid looking up while riding our bikes along avenues of them, just in case. I can't remember anyone ever actually contracting it though.

10. Jungle Gym: Who ever decided the Jim needed a Jungle in the first place? Yeah, I know - GYM, as in exercise. But still... I used to hang upside down by my knees from bars on these, and from tree branches, and from anything that would support my weight. Funny that my kid also loved being upside down... Nowadays Jungle Gyms are made so safe that there's no way you can break a bone, scrape a knee or sue the playground for injury. Poor kids.

And so to the tags!

1. A is for Aquila Online
2. B is for BigRic
3. C is for CerebralYoga
4. D is for DurbzBlog
5. E is for Ewan's Corner
6. G is for GomotoDiaries (done)
7. I is for I Like Being There (done)
8. N is for Natural Design
9. P is for Patchouli
10. T is for The Moment (done)

Take your letter and go forth to make lists! :) (Especially those of you who haven't said a word in quite some time - you know who you are...)

Robert felt all left out, rejected and neglected, so I've handed over the letter R to him before he calls down lighting and thunder on my head. (done)