Being Edie

I have a confession to make - and then a pile of you can hit me repeatedly over the head. I've never watched "Desperate Housewives". Or rather, I had never watched it until I thought I'd better find out who Edie was, after taking two different surveys sent by friends and ending up as her repeatedly.

So we watched the first episode last night. And my son has decided we need to watch the rest. I guess we will.

One website says:
Edie Britt is a serial divorcee and a free-spirited real estate maven who turns up the temperature on Wisteria Lane. Her style is always provocative in push-up bustiers and tight, sexy dresses. Just don’t steal her man—or she’ll burn your house down! If you're a temptress who's looking to heat up your wardrobe, Edie leads the way with her hot, hot, hot looks.
OK... so I'm Edie? Woah...

Perhaps I'm the part they didn't mention - the girl always outside the "group" - not really included in the little teas and get-togethers, not a good fit. Maybe even seen as a threat in some ways, because I'm different and don't conform (the free-spirited thing, which scares people if they don't understand my intentions). I even suspect that, if I were allowed to and had the "means" to pull it off, I'd be dressing up in those push-up, pull-in outfits.

Another website described her as a "man-eater". Does random serial monogomy fall under that category? :) No, I'm not really - but my refusal to consider getting into serious relationships or being "committed" may make others think I am. I'm not one to use and leave, but am simply not after heavy-duty relationship stuff. I like my freedom and independence too much.

After seeing episode 1, I'm not sure if I like Edie or not. And I'm also starting to think about how others see me. Do I look like a man-eating bitch to them? :) Does what I say, or what I do, form an opinion that I may not like if I were to see me through their eyes? Or.... What if I really am like that, and am trying to ignore it?

Or - what if I'm talking complete rot about a fictional TV character, and should instead go find something useful to do with my day? Yup, you're probably right. It's this one. :)