Damn! I feel like a piece of clothing that's been tagged, bought, returned, and RE-tagged! Robert, you evil one.... but will take up the challenge. This could quickly spiral out of control into endless repeat-tagging.

OK, the letter S.

1. Sunshine: Love it! Can't live without it. Even if it does come through my office window so strongly that I sometimes can't see what I'm doing. For Darkest Africa we have an awful lot of this particular occurrance...

2. Sex: Lots to say on this subject, but you'll have to email me privately to hear it! :) Sorry...

3. Serious: or rather "Seee-ree-yAAAS!" Another very well-known South Africanism, most recently thanks to TV ads for (love the way that sounds if you say it!). Just as Klipdrift brandy gave new meaning to the phrase "met Eish!", us South Africans do tend to grab on to catch-words and use them thoroughly.

4. Sand: OK, so I live about 8km from the sea. I can see it whenever I look out my door, window, office, whatever. But I really, really hate sand. Not because it's sand, but because it gets in everything. It grinds between your teeth and collects in your costume, it gets into your lotion and grits up the pages of the book you brought along. To say nothing of what happens when you bring SANDwiches to the beach.... So although I reside a mere few minutes from the sea, I'm sorry to say I haven't been to the beach since last year!

5. Surf: Goes with the Sand, unfortunately. My brothers are keen surfers. Me, I prefer "surfer-ing" - lying back and watching those gorgeous bodies hit the waves.

6. Shopping: Every girl's dream? Not always. I've found the quickest way to depression is to go shopping for clothes. Trying them on brings no joy, and I can never find what I like. We all know what those changing room mirrors do to one's self-worth too! I can happily browse for hours, but serious shopping? No thanks. Not unless you've given me an unlimited-credit card and sent me to the jeweller... which leads me to...

7. Sapphire: I love stones like sapphire. The only really expensive ring I have (and designed) has a centrepiece of square sapphire. I drool over crystals and well-cut gems every time I'm near a place that sells them. Though my fave stone is still Moonstone.

8. Skinny-dipping: Done it? In the sea? Near midnight? Where the next day you saw a group of gigantic sharks swimming just past the breakers? Yeah, me too.

9. Selective breeding: What I wish some folk had employed before they had kids... But that's just me.

10. Sucks: No coffee in the house. A bad day at work. Intolerable noise levels. Pollution and stress. Dead-end jobs. Oppression, injustice and cruelty. A lack of chocolate. No blogging inspiration. Things that keep breaking. No-one to snog. That seriously sucks.

Done! :) Now... should I try rouse some more tagging goodness?

Let's try:
Gracie - you got W
Kelly - you got K
Kyknoord - you got O
eKapa - you got H