It's a good day for chocolate.

It's winter. The weather service can say what they wish, but they didn't get it right today. No clearing skies. The typical Cape rain is drifting down from a uniformly grey sky. It's cold, it's wet, there's a chill to the toes that no amount of aircon or heater will get rid of. The kind of chill that only a long hot bath cures.

It's "lunar cycle" time too. When every woman needs a lot of chocolate. Or beware, world!

It's Wednesday, and the week is wearing on. Some tough jobs gone, some still to come before the long weekend. A half-bar of dark choc would definitely give a push in the right direction.

It's starting to go quiet at work - exams finishing up, the campus emptying, phone not ringing off the hook. A good time to indulge in the treasure chest that is my top drawer.

Which is precisely what I'm doing right now.