When you hear the word "Homemaker", does an image like this one spring to mind? It's such an old-fashioned word, one that seems rather outdated and restricting. And if you do an image search for it, this is the kind of thing you'll find.

And yet it's a word that's still very relevant.

If you are the adult presence in a house, or one of the adults, it's likely that part of your life revolves around creating a home. Or at least it should. All too often we end up with just a house, a place to drop our stuff, to sleep, and then to leave from every day. It becomes simply a shelter from the elements and a lock-up for the valuables.

But creating a home - that takes a bit more effort.

Think about the word "home". What comes to mind? A specific place? A special environment? A room? A smell? A feeling? A decorating style? All of these?

A year or so back I realized that where I lived no longer felt like home. It was just a pausing place in the day, but not one I wanted to be in. It wasn't welcoming, comfortable, embracing, or organized. And I do need all of that in order to feel like I'm at home.

Bit by bit I've been sorting out the clutter and chucking away things that shouldn't be there. I've added paint or stripped it away. I've cleaned carpets and arranged furniture. I've indulged in little things that make me smile when I look at them - photos we've taken, a gorgeous red glass vase, real wood flooring in the passage.

I've started to notice what makes me feel good, and enhanced that in my home. Having a clean kitchen in which to potter around is one thing. Knowing my bed is made up with crisp, fresh, smelling-like-sunshine bedding is another. Bubble bath and good books on hand for a bit of me-time adds to the feeling that this is home. As do certain smells - vanilla, coffee, freshly-baked goodies, sharp fruity scents.

Granted, there's still a long way to go. I get frustrated at a lack of space, a lack of time and money to do the things I want to.

And yet no-one ever said you need a lot of money or time or space to create a home.

There's that old saying "home is where the heart is". For some, their heart is elsewhere - not at the place where they lay their heads each night. For others, home is wherever they are at that time (the eternal happy nomads of life). For me, well - I need a grounded space right now, a place to come "home" to after a hard working day. I may not always require that - who knows, home may one day be a Landy on the long road! :)

But while I find myself with a day job and a child to raise, a yard, two dogs, a fish and a couple of rooms, I'm working on being a Homemaker. One who makes home the safe place to be for all its occupants.

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