Leap of Faith... ?

I had a flash of inspiration yesterday while getting dressed (and no, it wasn't the need for a gym contract thanks to catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror).

I've been thinking hard for a while now about how we're going to make it financially next year, with my son going to high school and his fees taking a huge jump (and a huge chunk out of current earnings). Ideally, I want my own business - but it has to be profitable enough to support a much bigger rent, school fee increase, and perhaps a turn-around in our finances so that we can stop living on the edge of debt (and many times in it). That's something almost impossible to achieve in the few months I have left of the year. Granted, one month off work will give me time to get a few things going, to make a bit of cash and organize my life. But not to build up business to that level.

I don't want to be an employee (a bottom-feeder or minion). I would love to work from home (I know I have what it takes). I want to make a difference to others, but also to me.

So I've been thinking about passions, and things I enjoy, and what I'm good at in an attempt to find direction. And the flash of inspiration might have been exactly what I needed!

Yes, I still dream of travel (through Africa and beyond). Yes, I still want my own sustainable business. Yes, there are goals and ambitions that are always in the back of my head.


Here's something that could just work! That will be a step in the right direction and fulfil many (or most) of my requirments (self-employed, work from home, make a difference...).

You see, I realized that there is a dire shortage of newborn-baby daycare. And I'm very, very good with babies. With older kids too - which is really weird as I'd never held a baby until my son arrived, nor did I think I liked kids. I get handed the nephews on arrival, I have kids like me with no apparent effort, and I have a "magic touch" that both calms babies and puts them off into dreamland in no time at all. I'm a mom - I've been through the ages and stages up to 13. I've been through them with a whole lot of others too by proxy. And although I'm none too good with throw-up, I don't mind changing nappies.

So why not use all that and actually offer a service, in my home, to fill the birth-to-two-years (gigantic) gap in the childcare market?

I've spoken to a few folk about rules and regulations. If you have 6 kids or more, you're required to register with the government. Less, and you're not. I've gotten the range of costs for care out there - from full-day, all-meal ones to half-day (and you provide the meals) ones. I've spoken to a friend who ran a creche next door to me, and to my sis-in-law who has a 2-year old (and who is all excited now about the idea! :) ). And I've done some pretty hard thinking too.

This. Could. Actually. WORK.

Even though it will require a large leap of faith to get the ball rolling in the right direction.