It Takes Two

The thing about any Big Dream or plan is that it often isn't just you in it. In my case, the son's in it too.

And as much as we both want to do this with a "seer hart" (Afrikaans for something like passion), he also has a right to say that it's not his dream, but mine.

Last night, out of the blue, he says he may want to stay in high school a bit longer. That he's realized the fun of dorms and high school age activities is coming up. He hasn't realized the fun of Girls and Hormones and all that stuff yet - but it's coming.

He has every right to choose that over a nomadic existence somewhere. And it's not like we can't take holiday trips instead of one huge one for a while. He does still want to go through Africa, but may want to wait until he's out of high school for that.

Yes, I have a timeline for the trip we want to do. But it's not just me in this life. Our plans remain flexible, and will need to change as life does. It doesn't mean that I won't get going on things like Landy-acquiring, knowledge gathering, eye ops (not going through Africa with contact lenses or glasses, thank you!) and court orders for proof of sole custody. Those are all part of the bigger plan and will happen as soon as possible, just in case. I just may have more time to accomplish the other things.

Of course I could always dump him in the dorm for 5 years and go off on my own.. :)