A Life Extraordinary

Why am I putting in an offer on a 1976 Land Rover named Olivia? Why am I thinking of chucking in life and going wherever, for as long as it takes?

I think I've finally figured it out. It's because I don't want an ordinary life. I want an EXTRAordiary one.

You see, I know a couple of folk who live it.

Bill is a guy my dad's age who has never done what's expected of him. He has had adventures that would make your toes curl, lives barefoot and happy, and has sons who have gone just as "off track" as he has. He's not restricted by anything, just lives. He's recently stuck his very tall (and true!) stories into a couple of books that will have you both rolling on the floor laughing, and in tears.

Then there's Brett and Scott. The Ghost Rowers. Another couple of Zimbabwe throwbacks (as is Bill), who refuse to follow covention. Go ahead - click that link and read just one of their great adventures. (here's a follow-up interview with them)

All over the world, people are living extraordinary lives. They're not following the herd, nor treading the rut of learn-work-stress-retire-die. Yeah, sometimes it's dangerous, and sometimes it's uncertain, and very often it's hard. Sometimes you have no cash, and other times you do. But you live with open hands - accepting life as it comes by, and valuing experience over possessions.

That is exactly the kind of life I want. I'm not content to be, do or appear what my soul has cried out against. I don't want my son to be bound by an iron lock of societal expectations. I want him to go deep, go far, and truly live.

It's as simple as that.