It's my son's 13th birthday today, and I've spent a little time this morning thinking back over his life thus far. I've blogged a letter to him here, and options for our future here.

Looking back, it's been quite a ride - these first 13 years. A lot of up's, less down's, and some regular growth curves, both literal and figurative.

The teen years begin today, although the hormones are already shuffling their feet and getting restless. He's grown as tall as me, and is becoming quite a wonderful young man. I have no idea what kind of a teen he'll be - but I don't think he'll be a terrible one.

This afternoon we're off to the Spur restaurant to celebrate his birthday. A couple of friends in our little community have invited themselves to join in. Any excuse for a party among us! :)

Happy birthday Jason!

(pre-haircut, post highly-coloured chips...)