New Day

Every so often I sit down at my desk and feel enthused about all the possibilities the day will bring. Most times it's not an immediate feeling, but one that grows as I start on some project, and let my mind expand into forgotten corners of what-if.

This mornings feel-goodness came after a quick website browse through my "Random Cool Stuff" folder, picking up ideas and inspirations from those who see an angle I would never have. There's things out there that make me just get all goose-bumpy, images that are so "right" that you just smile and feel a glow looking at them. And although they're someone else's brainchild, there's suddenly a sense that indeed, you can do great things.

Perhaps I was preset to feel warm and fuzzy today - I had a sudden flash of weirdness this morning while dressing, when I realized I could offer a service that is severely lacking in this area, and enjoy it too. Something I hadn't even considered doing before, but which would come as naturally as breathing. And which would make the world of difference for quite a few families.

What I've felt once at work is merely an expansion of brain ticking over that began hours ago!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up with this feeling every day? I wonder why I don't....