Not many cohesive thoughts today, so here's what's drifted to the surface:

* I love this guy's perspective on work, life, passion and pleasure. The archives are more than worth the trawl - you may come away changed.

* This weekend it was 6 months since my mom died. Dad is doing OK generally, but was very sad when I gave him a quick call on Friday. The death of one's life partner is not someone you get over within months, and perhaps one never will.

* Putting in an offer on a car one has yet to see is a very scary business. Knowing exactly what to offer for it, is nearly as scary.

* There's much to be said for 2 litres of Coke and a bar of chocolate. There's more to be said for a group of friends who will club together and do a "Spar run" in cold wet weather (on a motorbike) to get it if they suspect you're feeling down.

* I think I've found employment/work/money-making direction for the future.... watch this space.

* Amazing how a kid can appear to grow up within a week - how a 13th birthay changes perspective and maturity. I am blessed with a very cool kid. Extremely blessed.

* I think I've done some growing up myself recently. ("About blerry time" I hear some of you say... :) )

* I'm gobsmacked by those who support "religious freedom, the right to choose" then turn around and require you to conform to their idea of spirituality - or else. Trouble is, I have not the courage to oppose it. And am beating myself up inside because of it. There is still much for me to learn when it comes to standing up for who I really am. And many aspects left to stand up for that I've hidden away from public view.

* I've been exploring the concept of "Goddess" as womanly empowerment. Still much to learn, but some interesting concepts already under the belt. It may sound silly, but too many woman give away their power, have lost their strength, have forgotten who they are. I'm one of them, but not for long.

* I don't care a fig for the World Cup. (And I can handle the hate mail)

* There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh-baked bread, the aroma of newly-brewed coffee, nor the taste of dark chocolate melting slowly in the mouth. And so saying, I think I need a bit...

* And one more point. I finally got my courage up, took a deep breath - and sent off an offer for Olivia the Land Rover a few minutes ago. Eish...