Photoblog: Misty Sunday

Yup, there was something missing this weekend - my usual "Shabbat Shalom" picture! :) So allow me to start Monday off with something pictorial:

After a day of frantically doing washing yesterday (sunshine at last!), I settled down to watch a bit of "Vicar of Dibley". At one point I noticed the curtains had an odd glow - turned around and saw the mist had COMPLETELY moved in, taking me (and my washing) by surprise. We did a scramble to get things indoors and hang them on every spare door or cupboard to dry.

As the last bit was brought in, the mist cleared just briefly around the mountain. I rushed out and snapped away, and this is one of the pics I took.

Today there's a layer of mist over the sea that may or may not come up the hill toward us. For now the sun has risen, and the day is fine. Later - well, it's anyone's guess.