Lightbulb Moments

I've got a special folder on my computer called "Ideas". Every time I come across something really cool that I think I can make, or at least gain inspiration from, I save the graphic in that folder.

I had a look at it earlier this morning, while adding an image of an amazing dining table to the collection. Funny how I can see definite trends in what I like... Seeing all those little thumbnails reminded me once again of the brilliant stuff I've been hoping to do. As winter dropped in, I've left off extended hours in my rather distant garage, messing around with wood. I don't think I've touched my sewing machine or overlocker in months either. And I have a mere 10cm left of a project my mom started years ago, which needs completion.

Suddenly I've remembered all the reasons I'm going to enjoy my extra month off (in August, the ENTIRE August) this year, my just desserts after 10 years behind one desk. I've had a re-awakening to the fun I planned, the experimentation, the cool product development, and the push toward that business of mine going sustainable.

I've been so focused on other things lately, that I almost forgot. Silly me.

I think I'll sit and gaze at my Ideas folder a little while longer and see if any other lightbulbs go off in the head.