As good as a holiday

That's what they say change is. I hope they're right...

I've been feeling the need for change lately, in a number of areas of my life. Not just job-wise, but in little and big things around me. It may be those first signs of Spring urging me on to take a deep breath and purge what I've tolerated for too long.

I look around me at home and realize I could do with less clutter. I don't have a lot, I've been clearing out stuff for ages and getting rid of it. But there are neglected corners that need an overhaul, thing you live with so long that you no longer see.

Take my bedroom, for example. I'd love it to be a "boudoir" - a retreat of comfort and peace where I can feel good, rest up, and just enjoy being. Filled with textures, colours, scents and objects that I love. At the moment it's just about none of these. It's a multi-function space that doubles as home-work desk, laptop table, extra tv, book storage, everything-else storage, and dog sleeping place. There are times-tables charts on the wall instead of feel-good artwork. Shelves in the dressing table are packed with things - some of which I haven't needed or looked at in years. The bookshelf doubles as computer disk/equipment storage space, in an old paper-box lid. The chair at the homework desk is one retrieved from a school building - with a cover and cushion it could look a whole lot better.

And that's just this one room. But it's a room I feel should feed my soul. So it needs change.

As does the rest of the house. There are things I've wanted to do for years, but simply haven't.

My surroundings aren't the only things that need change. My insides do too. There's stuff in my head that I'm struggling with, that needs cleaning out, purging, getting rid of or resolving. There are things I've been hanging on to, holding off deciding to change or do. They're eating into the focus I want to maintain on my dreams. I'm distracted by trying to figure out some really huge issues, and not getting anywhere.

So change - yes. Needed. Holiday - yes. Coming up in 2 weeks! And lasting for 4! Yay!!!

I'm going to try combine both a change and a holiday - and see what I can accomplish.