Blog at Night

Woah, this has been some day! I used to have loads of time to blog (between tasks or as an exercise in multi-tasking), but suddenly the days fly by and before I know it the sun's gone down again.

With a mere 2 weeks left before my holiday, and inspiration having struck at a rather inopportune time, I have a list as long as my arm of things to do at work. BIG things that take time and concentration.

But I haven't had a chance to get to any of them! It's very frustrating.

Thing is, our organization is in a bit of crisis mode. Finances are running on the low side, and it's been a wake-up call. Many of us have been brainstorming ideas to make things better, get things moving, work for positive change. So today I asked the mega-boss's permission to get something official going, where we could contribute our ideas, our energies and our help. He's very happy to let us - but not more than half an hour later, I was back in his office. He's got another big job for me to do in a similar vein - out of my official area of expertise, but one of the stepping stones we need for change.

Today has been spent literally running. Up and down the stairs (and we live on a considerable mountain!), between offices and meetings, sorting this, finding that, improving another thing.

It's energizing, this sense of purpose - but it don't leave that much time to blog! :)

So it seems this Blog at Night thing may have to become the norm. Provided I don't collapse at the end of each day.