Breathe in... breathe out..

Hell, it's been busy! Yes, I know I'm also online at home, and thus could just as easily blog at any hour of the day out of the allotted 24, but life sometimes seems like a total whirlwind, and the past 2 days have been just that.

I went to work with great expectations this morning, plans to do this, update that, organize the next thing. Which I did none of. As soon as I arrived, the universe threw things I hadn't planned at me - an hour at switchboard, an afternoon meeting, an ex-colleague dropping by to both catch up and talk business, a few emergencies.

Home at last, and all I feel like is a hot bath (cold front - no, FREEZING front - is moving in rapidly) and a very, very early night.

The sun sets at about 6... think I can get away with it? :) It's officially night then, isn't it!?

Regular blogging resumes when life leaves me the heck alone again.