Eye-related Newsflash

I had an appointment to see the eye doctor this Friday afternoon. He was going to dilate my pupils and check whether I was a candidate for surgery. I was also not going to be allowed to wear contact lenses for 2 days beforehand (how am I supposed to see my computer screen?!) and had to find someone to take me there and back.

I've cancelled the appointment.

WHY? Because I'm going to try something else first. I found this article online this morning, and it happened to mention a "natural" method to strengthen distance sight. Before I go all drastic and get lasers stuck into my eyeballs, I'm going to see if this works instead.

I had a friend in high school who cured his short-sightedness by simply refusing to wear his glasses, and spending loads of time outdoors where he was forced to look at far horizons. If it worked for him, it could work for me. Or at least be improved.

So here's to a great big (much cheaper) experiment! Let's see what happens...