Morning Glory!

I'm so not a morning person - especially in winter. (I'm not a night owl either - so perhaps I just need more sleep than most)

This week we're back to having to get the kid to school by 7:30. Which, in the middle of the year, is still in the cold dark of winter! It's a mission to get up when the alarm goes off - I lie in bed an extra few minutes, then a few more.. until I have to jump up and rush around before it's too late. When weekends come you'll find me sleeping at least until 8 or 9 - later if it's nice and rainy outside.

Wouldn't it be cool if we actually allowed the seasons to determine our sleeping and waking? If in summer we were all up early, at work early, and put in an extra hour or two while the sunlight lasted late into the evening. And then in winter, we could follow the sun to work around 9, leave around 4 as it dips, and hibernate overnight.

If you're working from home, it's more than possible to do. I know some who have adjusted their body rhythms very successfully, and found themselves more productive as a result.

But the rest of the planet is bound by the clock (and most don't give a fig about daylight savings - South Africa included). If the clock says it's 8, then you start work. Dark or not.

With electricity to light up our buildings and aircon to cool or heat us, the years have evened out into a single, comfortable season. (Seth Godin goes so far as to say it's even affected the world's economy and the way we relate to markets and marketing) We've lost out on feeling the seasons.

And we're definitely getting up too early in winter.