I'm BAack!

Robert has (somewhat) kindly reminded me that it's time to suck it up, get better and start blogging again. Not one to wimp for more than few days (though I did indeed enjoy my wallowing while it lasted), I'm up and at it again. In a manner of speaking...

Today work stepped up a notch as all our students arrived back at the institution I work for - and I did my usual "run around and find lost sheep" (the noobs), "check on the disorganized" (the usual staff), "figure out technology" (why the hell is there no Windows Media Player on this machine, after years of being required to play media files?), "find keys" (if you've advertised you're holding an event in a room, for goodness sake make sure it's open on the day!), etc etc etc. In other words, the usual first day of the new semester.

But in between all that I had a few laughs and deep thinks to ward off the last of the headache. I hung out a bit at Office Pirates and found the Office Guns site (the next staff meeting may be an interesting one...). I found out sex/gender may not be what you assume. I did a BBC test to see whether I was male or female anyway - and am just an average female after all. I even started an online argument with my IT bloke over whether the internet only works when he's gone or not (it does - he has to be fiddling with something!). I took some photos of people in skimpy attire (a cycling team, for promotional purposes - and it was blerry cold outside!). And then tonight I dropped in at a friend's after work and gave her a back/neck massage to try cure a first-day-of-school teaching-related headache. It's been a while since I did that - my hands are kinda shaky after a half-hour's effort. I hope I did more good than harm... :)

However I didn't enter to win a date with Kyknoord (I'd love to, but am somewhat intimidated by the idea). I also didn't eat more than 4 squares of dark chocolate (the little ones within the block, not the big block-size squares). I didn't drink more than 1 cup of filter coffee, nor did I drink the litre of water I had hoped to. I forgot to water the office plant (more like a tree - it's obviously in the right spot!). And I did have a triple-decker cheese and pickled onions warmed-up sandwich for lunch, with a leftover cream donut for dessert - but didn't have any other veggies today.

I also blogged. But not here. :)

All in all, I'm back! Like it or not.