Single parenting when you're sick, sucks. And sick I am indeed! I hope it's not the "dangerous flu" going around - but it feels like tonsilitis (got no tonsils, can't be) and flu all rolled into one. I don't want to eat or drink, but am forcing food and water down.

I've spent much of the day in bed sleeping solidly - and am still planning on doing some more.

Unfortunately - single parenting never stops. I still have to get up to cook meals for the kid, sort out this and that... but thankfully he's old enough to spread his own bread, and keep himself reasonably busy on the computer. He's watching a DVD right now, leaving me to sit in bed with the laptop and entertain myself. In previous years it was a lot worse.... had to keep him busy too!

Still, this is one of the times where it sucks to be a single parent. I'd love nothing more than to be left in peace to wallow in feeling off-colour. But I can't.

That's just how life goes.