Take one solid, big vehicle - add one battery that needs to get a recharge, and waddaya get? A couple of bruises, one discarded watch and a munched finger!

But we're getting there.

This morning I hit the shops for a new inline fuel filter, drawing looks of amazement as I produced the old one for a size-match. It's so full of dust/mud that there's barely room for petrol left! But the new one is now installed, and seems to be working well. Got a couple of spares too - they're only 10 bucks each, and may come in handy if there's still more dust in the current tank of fuel.

Then it was on to the flat battery. I parked the Ford nose-to-nose and did the jumper cables thing, but it's going to take more doing than that. So out it had to come to get to a charger. In the process I got to admire a pretty effective way of keeping the battery stable, and peer into the air pipe (nice and clean). Topped up the battery water too, so we're good to go.

When I got into the bath last night I found a HUGE dark blue/purple/red bruise on my upper thigh. No clue how it got there. I suspect it may be joined by others by tonight. But hey, I'm having fun! :)

Battery is Kaput! So a new one (right size of course) is on order and will be stuck in tomorrow. Then we'll fire 'er up and see what happens!