Hooray, Hooray...

...it's a Holi-Holiday!

Yup, day one of the longest leave I've had since I started working. And it really started out well! I woke up with a feeling of anticipation, the thought that I could do anything I wanted, that the day held unlimited potential.

That is, until I had to go to work... Someone made a mistake last week, and it was urgent enough to require me correcting it today. This does not bode well! :)

The rest of the day, however, has been quite lekker. I had a quick food order to fill for cash this morning, then took myself off to town to windowshop. I hardly ever go there - our main mall is almost a town on its own, but not near the official town part from here. You have to go the opposite way to reach it.

So I dashed in to two fabric shops, and found that one is having a HUGE sale of curtaining fabric - just what I need for the lounge. I need to measure up my needs before I buy. Will go back again later this week. While there, I'm also going to check out a few other shops I remembered (2nd hand junk-treasure place) and some I haven't been to (Lion's Square) since they opened during a town-renovating blitz a few years back.

I even had time today to make pizza for lunch (from scratch, base included - just didn't milk the cows that helped produce the cheese). Which now suddenly the teen decides he no longer likes, having had pizza every Saturday (an attempted tradition) for the past few months. Great. Well, I ain't making anything else, so it will sit there and await his hunger.

This afternoon I could be cleaning the house, I could be stripping the floor, I could be finishing painting one wall. Instead I'm going to sit and watch Numb3rs and eat choc mousse. It is holiday, after all. I can spend it any way I please!