Spitbraai - the aftermath

After a cold and rainy day on Tuesday, it was with relief that we woke up to a lovely sunny (though still winter-chilly) day on Wednesday - Spitbraai day! (Also Women's Day - commemorating the struggle against oppression) Just enough sun to sit in, and to leave a light blush on my nose.

I spent much of Tuesday running around looking for something called a "spitbraainaald" - a metal baster with needle-like point to inject marinade and basting sauce into the meat as it cooked. I'm sure I found the ONLY one in this area. What a mission! But that and the marinade was duly delivered to the guy who was hosting things.

Early Wednesday morning he dashed off to get the beast, and by around 10 it was all set up to go. I did another shop-run for extra charcoal... this was going to take some doing! Bit by bit everyone arrived, and the lamb turned slowly over the coals. Slowly being the operative word. Because it was only cooked by 4:30! So much for lunch, more like supper.

To amuse ourselves as the meat was cut, one of our member led the resident kids in a rousing chorus of "Mary had a little lamb". I'm not sure they equated the hunk of meat on the table with the soft and furry beasts they were singing about. At least one adult did, though, and resorted ahead of time to his own braai-on-the-side, also supplying us with chicken wings to keep the hunger pangs at bay while we awaited the main event.

Well, it was sliced up and served out - and about half a lamb remained. Around 6 we slowly started to depart - me with a huge bag of impressive bones for my extremely grateful dogs, who are still wagging their tails in appreciation this morning. Our host, I hope, has many recipes for leftover lamb. He's going to be eating it for a while.

So we've done it. We had a successful spitbraai. Now what else can we try?