I have this huge to-do list for my holiday time. Important stuff, life-changing stuff, all that. And yet I've done very little of it. Yes - there are a few things I've gotten to (like the Landy), but the rest have completely gone into slide mode.

Yet I'm not at all bothered by it.

Take this morning, for example. After a rather inauspicious start, I could have dived right into the day and rushed through a hundred tasks this morning.

Instead I've taken time out while the rain falls (again) outside and the kid's in school, to simply sit in front of a heater in the quiet (with dog snoring next to me) and read. I haven't been as obsessively online as I normally am, nor have I kept checking emails and IM's and all that stuff either. I've set myself as "away" on our internal network, and let the screensaver run.

This is the essence of what I need my time off to be. An inner regrouping, a filling up of quiet in my soul so that the inevitable rush from September through to March next year will not drain me completely. A time to complete a thought, to imagine and dream, to hope and wonder. And yes, to drool over the occasional deserving male specimen. (Which reminds me, I had the sudden horrible realization just as I was dropping off last night that I actually winked at some bloke in the mall on Friday! Why, I have no clue... eish! What's become of me! :) )

So what if many of my to-do list items go untouched. I've decided to play it by ear this time around, to do what my gut tells me needs doing on any given day, and to just Be for a while.

This morning I think I've found a piece of Serenity.