OK, the Landy is paid for and have just arranged the transport here. Only one thing left - insurance! (Well, that and the transfer papers still on their way here)

Amazing how unfriendly insurance companies are to old cars, or rather cars with experience. There are limitations and clauses wherever you look. My regular insurer only does 3rd party, so I'm having to suddenly get to know a whole lot of companies I've never heard about in an attempt to get her covered properly.

In the meantime, she leaves Gauteng tomorrow and will take 7-10 days to get here. They offered to drop her door-to-door, but I've requested to drive her back from the depot myself. I suspect that when I do, my teeth are gonna dry out with all the smiling! :)

In the meantime though, I'll try get off the subject of Landies, and blog a more well-rounded existence. 7-10 days reprieve, so enjoy it! :)