Summer, where art thou???

OK, this is getting a bit much. Winter started real early this year - like April early, after a summer that never really got hot. Next month is officially Spring (and things are starting to bud etc.), but it remains very very chilly.

Now some have informed me that this is not cold. That where they are there's snow and ice and stuff. Granted, but I don't live where there's supposed to be snow and ice and stuff! This is Africa for goodness sake - land of heat and dust and bushveld (or at least it is about 1,000km north of here...)!

I grew up in warmer climes. Zimbabwe - heat, dust, bushveld (and thunderstorms). I'm not used to this constant toe-numbing, bone-shivering cold. OK, perhaps a weakly sunny 15C isn't THAT cold, but it's still too cold for me. Give me days where it hits 30C, where you can sit outdoors in minimal clothing and drink lemonade. Give me a tan (not out of a bottle) and freckles on my nose. Give me anything but months more of cold! Before I totally vegetate into a blob of shivering existance, living on chocolate and coffee and comfort foods.

Is summer really too much to ask for?