Internet Pheremones

A random thought struck me as I was sitting under the white mulberry tree, waiting for my son to return from school yesterday. Have the laws of attraction changed thanks to the internet? Will the human race have to redefine its mating game?

In the old days things were simple. Neanderthal man meets Neanderthal women, they sniff each other out, like what they smell and take it from there. Before the advent of email and dating sites, an immediate physical attraction - "spark" - started things off.

Now everything's different. You can get to know someone online quicker than you might in person. Our whole lives are out there to be seen, and it's easier to make a mental connection. But it's just as easy to create an image of another person that doesn't really exist. All you have to go on is words on a screen - and it's so easy to both give and get the wrong impression. There's no pheremones on the internet...

All too often you read headlines like "SMS love affair led to death". There's stalkers, and misrepresentations of age (and looks!).... It's a dangerous thing, this internet stuff! :)

But the flip-side is that it's an easy way to get to know people. At your leisure, in your own time - and without having to clear a schedule to meet up. (Which can also be a bad thing, leading to complete social isolation, and a life lived merely online)

Anyway, as I mentioned - this was a random thought, and probably unfinished. But something to consider as our lives go online more and more.