Random Friday Thoughts

So Friday strikes yet again! This week has flown by, and I'm not sure I could tell you what I did with it. I know what I didn't do, but I did manage to get some things accomplished.

Not enough cohesive thought for anything profound today, so here are some random thoughts.

* I keep wondering what it will take for us to realize this planet is sitting on a knife-edge of non-survival. News about permafrost melting (5x more methane than expected being pushed into the atmosphere!) gets buried way under more pressing matters such as the murder down the street and some political figure's corruption trial. Yet these pale in comparison to our future survival. And we continue to mess up the only thing keeping us alive... Yes, I do too.

* This weekend is mechanical-adventures weekend! :) In other words, climbing into Olivia's engine to sort out various bits and pieces, and hitting a learning curve related to timing. Unfortunately, after a week of excellent weather for mechanical adventures, it's threatening rain! Eish. One of these days I'm going to have to invest in a high-roofed awning or a very large umbrella.

* On matters Olivia, a friend told me about a 4x4 trail right next door that is beginner-friendly. Hoping to head off and try it out as soon as I'm happy with the way she runs, and the way I stop her. Wouldn't want to end up with a roller-coaster ride down any steep slopes.

* I could do with some sleep (but I'm not complaining). Fortunately the weekend approaches. I must be getting old, but I really enjoy the luxury of lying in bed late of a weekend morning, no pressure to get up and go anywhere, no worries, no plans. Taking life as it comes.

* I caught a partial lunar eclipse last night - the perfect horror-movie look! We had high cloud cover with scudding dark bits, heat and some large raindrops now and then. The moon glowed golden through the gaps, with a mere bite out of one side. I tried to take some pics, but some things are better experienced than photographed.

* On the (un)education front, I've realized I tend to abbreviate thoughts here - and perhaps have given the wrong impression of what we're attempting for the future. Retro - thanks for making me think! :) This weekend the kid and I sit down to discuss reality and perceptions and options, as long as it takes. And after that we start to work out a Plan. Merely considering the possible forks in the road is new territory for us, so we're feeling out way forward bit by bit, trying to determine what would be best for us. It's not going to be easy doing something different, if that's the way we go. And we have to make sure our reasons are right, for either option.

* I need to get out with my camera before Spring passes me by... Already some of the trees are dropping their blossoms, while the plums are starting to bloom in snow-strands along the length of their branches. Birds are out in force, everything is green. Perhaps Spring is my favourite season after all.

And now, back to the day. Time waits for no-one.