How do they do it? How do they up and buy a Landy on a whim? Replace a part that costs more than my entire vehicle without batting an eyelid? Fork out for numerous trips far and wide, many times a year?

I guess I'm a bit envious. Also concerned that it's going to take a lot to keep up... I handed over a third of my salary just for a new battery and an ownership change - will I really be able to do this? Or will I, like Olivia, simply need go at it slowly and surely, pick my battles and choose my expeditions?

I know I'm going to be pushing my sideline food business further than I have before. Not just for pocket money, but for survival. Then again, money has become of little importance in many ways. It's numbers in a bank that come and go, and my life doesn't revolve around them.

I realize that frugality and creative money-making is going to be the order of the day from now on. A lifestyle I already have in place, and which will need major tweaking.

But I reckon it's worth it. The rewards don't come in cash, but in stories to tell, images to replay and experiences in which to immerse one's entire being. Money's involved - but it doesn't have to be in copious amounts. Perhaps I'll be able to swing it after all. A part of me relishes the challenge. :)

...and as I hit "publish", this came in by email:
You may find yourself suddenly cognizant of the sheer scope of your abundance today. If in the past you have compared your blessings to those of your peers and reacted enviously, your attitude will likely shift to one of grateful and satisfied awareness of the richness of your existence.
Co-incidence? Amusing, nonetheless.

::update 2::
Thinking more about this whole money thing, I've realized that the things I've had to struggle for - these are what I appreciate more in life. Yeah, I joke about needing a "sugar daddy" sometimes, but the reality is I'll get more satisfaction from knowing I've made a plan, come up with a solution, done what needs doing - all on my own.