It's amazing how a Plan and a Timeline can give one motivation to do today what you've put off yesterday (and the day before). Knowing that I have certain things to accomplish - with a deadline - has got me completely focused on a number of tasks. That clarity of thought yesterday has spilled over to this morning. May hit a slump though when I start to get hungry around 11 again.. :)

I still don't have an entire Plan in place. There are a number of issues that will need research before I can implement it. There are some skills to gain, and a bit of cash to accumulate. Hence I'm selling muffins today (and choc brownies yesterday)! :) So I won't make millions, but having that extra bit in hand each week means I don't need to go near the credit card, chequebook or savings. They get a rest to gather interest and/or dust and I get to practice living within my means.

Today I'm all motivated. Working like a maniac through piles of goodies, and doing them properly. I may not clear my entire desk today, nor get the website completely reworked & upgraded, but it's a good start.