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So here's the thing... the day before Christmas last year I sucked it up and went red-head. Much to the astonishment of the relatives, but they seemed to like it. I've coloured it ginger and red twice since then, but am loathe to keep paying copious amounts to various cosmetics companies every couple of months.

The other side of the stick is that I don't want to be bothered to do this forever, unless I have to. I don't mind getting older. Each grey hair tells a story, and I plan to age with grace (just perhaps not yet).

Now, lurkers, here's your chance to say something without typing anything - I thought I'd put it to the vote! One click, and you'll be able to give your opinion.

Most of you have no clue what I look like, so here are a few handy hints to get you started.

So, here's me as a blonde (most of my life):
Pro: Cheap, no sweat to maintain, I don't make a bad blonde, going grey only means going lighter blonde, if I do something stupid I can blame the hair-colour (and conversely surprise people by being an intelligent blonde at other times). Cons: Same old same old, eventually.

Here's the redhead version:

Pro: Looks good, gives me a "glow" even when I don't feel glowy, redheads have more fun (apparently). Cons: Expensive, colour looks good only when it starts to fade out (by which time it needs another colour for the roots), those pesky greys show through big-time.

In addition there's the distinctly-ginger version:

Still untried are pitch-black, and shaved-bald.

So go for it! Cast your vote*...

What should I do with the hair?
Blondes rule! Return to original and summer will do the rest
Redheads rock! Keep it firey, help L'Oreal stay solvent
Goth-black! Try something new
None of the above - let it grow and fade out, with grey streaks, into whatever it wants to become
Shave it off! Start again
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*Disclaimer - I probably won't take your advice, but hey - it's worth a shot.