Gap, Take 2!

Yet again, everyone at work disappeared about an hour ago, and it's just me left to answer phones and questions. But I'm not going to sit here all afternoon. In fact, I think I'll go home, water the garden(hmm.. water's off! always on the hottest days..), and try re-do the walk route that nearly killed me yesterday! :-) Another very hot day, will take some water with this time.

All the other fun stuff I was working on will still be here tomorrow. If I can only find the free programmes I'm looking for to help me do it...

OK... I'm starting to wonder if I should lay off the walking for a while until I can figure out why I'm continuously dizzy and losing energy quick-like!

However, yesterday I picked up 5c on the walk - today I found 10c. If I keep this up I may start turning a profit! :-)