You know one of the things that's really lekker about summer? Salads. For supper.

I'm sitting here with the windows wide open, the last heat of the day still hanging around as the sun goes down. And eating what may be called a Moeviese (say it like moo-ve-sah) salad. Lettuce, cucumber, small Roma tomatoes, a can of chickpeas, some olives, more than enough feta, couple of pickles and my home-made salad dressing. Totally filling, and perfect for a summer night.

It's 7:30 and still the kind of evening where you can sit outside and watch the world wind down (to the smell of the neighbours offering a sacrifice for supper - ie braaing). Cicadas are still going, the birds finishing off their final snack on the lawn outside. I've got a golden glow that says "winter's gone and you've been outdoors a lot" - light blonde streaks in the hair where the sun has planted kisses.

I'm SUCH a summer chick! :-)

And now I'm taking my salad and going to sit outside. The evening's too good to waste.