It's been quite the Day today, so here are a few blogging breadcrumbs, chucked out into cyberspace for pecking purposes:

* Tonight is the last primary school Awards Evening I'll be attending! Last night for hard chairs, numb-bum-syndrome and droning-on certificates - each kid gets at least one, in the entire school. Even if it's just for being "helpful and friendly" or "making progress". But the kid's in his last year of primary school, so this is it. Only a day and a half left. As for next year? Still negotiating... It's a bit of a mission!
You know it's been a good night when you get out of there in a mere hour and a half! 'Tis done.
And after a chat with both teacher and kid, it seems we're going to give one year of high school a try next year, see how it goes. I get a major discount - but only for this coming year. Who knows, by the end of the year the kid could like it. In the meantime I still need to plan for Aug/Sept's Camino...

* Amazing how one small shard of grass - yes GRASS - from the lawn mowing can hurt an eye so much.. :-) I look like someone socked me in the iris. Ah well, these things happen.

* I seem to be allerging to Allergex. How weird is that!? Decided to chuck the stuff today and in spite of doing things that might induce hayfever (see above), have been A-OK. Too strange.

* For some reason our office year-end function is an hour's drive from the beautiful environment in which we work and live. Unable to find a lift, so sincerely hope the FrigginFord makes it tomorrow. It's a long haul up that mountain and back again - the same road we took to our weekend getaway 2 weeks back. But we will take full advantage of it - and only eat a single (free) meal tomorrow. Maybe. Perhaps I shouldn't take a chance. I'll have breakfast too, just in case. Wonder if I should update my will before I go? :-) (if you don't hear from me tomorrow...)

* Someone I haven't seen since high school turned up in my office this afternoon. He's changed quite a bit - and says I've "matured". Yeah, that's what you get when it's been about 20 years! :-) Cool to reconnect though. Funny how the one thing he remembers most was kissing me on the girl's dorm steps... eish! Another era.

Well, let me go cut the kid's hair. We've just polished his shoes, which with a bit of luck will not fall apart on stage tonight (the heel's glued in) but last at least another day and a bit. And then go applaud the efforts of young and old for surviving another year in the trenches.