Time to think

Yet again I find my life taking an unexpected twist this morning, with a new dream needing to be found, and quickly, to replace a rather big blank spot. Thankfully I'm about to drive a looong way to that year-end function, and am going alone. Plenty of time to think...

Nearly two hours of driving does help - though it's the kind of road where concentration and sticking to the speed limit is essential, up and over the mountains through a lot of traffic big and small. I've mourned the blank spot (literally - should have taken extra mascara), and I am on the way to reformatting the right direction to jump. Although I'd like to trust my gut feel completely and all the time, there are nuances that I still need to understand - shadows and shades of truth that need examining and defining. Vague? Yes - on purpose. Sometimes it's better not to say too much. Quiet is needed and not noise, to help refocus thought patterns and ideals. I'll get there eventually.. :-)