Taste of Summer

I extolled the virtues of Salad for Supper last week (I think). Allow me to go one further. There's nothing like summer, with fruit for supper!

I've been feeling heavy and energy-drained lately, so this weekend I plonked down R300+ at Fruit & Veg City for so much fresh stuff that I can't fit it all in the fridge! There's no way in hell the watermelon's going in there, for starters.. but the apples, spanspek (melon), lemons, nectarines, apricots, litchis and bananas are also out and about - some of them parked conveniently next to the kid's computer screen for munching purposes. Talking of whom - he's just gotten back from raiding the neighbour's plum tree, but says they're not quite ripe yet. I see the figs are nearly ready too.

Also unable to be fridged up are potatoes, onions, butternut and gemsquash - with a bag of curry powder and another of crushed dried chilies on the side. Stuffed into the fridge are a variety of peppers, tiny Roma tomatoes, celery, lettuce, cucumber, an insane amount of carrots (been snacking on those constantly), broccoli, garlic, ginger, some really good feta, olives, pesto, local cheese and other goodies. Yum!

So supper tonight has been heavy on the fruit. I've hauled a lot of it outside, and chucked the peels, pips and inedible bits straight into the fern bed (it's called "closing the loop".. :-) ), while watching the pre-frontal clouds turn light tinges of orange and golden purple on the horizon as the sun sinks. Just the kind of thing to end off a hot day - and it was hot. I did only half my usual walk route, knowing that if I went the whole hog I'd end up not in good shape at all. Turns out it was a good call, made it home on the last of the energy.

But I do love summer. With a cool breeze coming in the window, the world quietening down, and really good food to eat - nothing stodgy or heavy. Add in my ongoing sense of settled contentment, and life is pretty peachy (or nectariney, or apricoty, or perhaps watermelony?).

Love it.