2007 Health

The year is still young, but I've got a couple of things I need to sort out health-wise this year:

* The walking fell by the wayside for the past 2 weeks in favour of going places, doing things and generally living. I'm a bit out of my routine - but will take it up again within a week. As hard as it was to start, I'm missing it. Got a few other things going into that exercise mix too - only the 8th and already I may need some form of stress relief!

* The diet is getting a re-look. Although I've been vegetarian all my life (bar a few chicken drumsticks at a braai once or twice... hmm.. make that about 10 drumsticks total for my entire 35 years), it's time to up the nutrition. I'm going more vegetarian, and many meals will be vegan. Will be experimenting with things the kid may want to eat too, as he seriously needs it. Adding in foods we haven't tried, growing a lot of my own, and trying to live closer to the earth foodwise.

* Once the work rush is over (mid-Feb), I'm seeking out that eye doc to see if I would be able to have lasik surgery. I nearly did so last year, but pulled out. Time to sort that one out permanently and hope I don't get the bad side-effects. By the time I hit the Camino I don't want to be bothered with contact lenses and junk.

* Will also be heading in for the "full service" checkup - including boob-squashing, various pokings and proddings and all that stuff we love to avoid. I'm supposed to have an annual check-up at the work's expense - I should make use of that, for the first time.

* Mental health also gets a look-see this year. Although I'm still operating from a nice, settled, balanced and generally-happy base, I want to investigate meditation and do some brain spring-cleaning. Ditch the last bad habits, attitudes and self-bashing thoughts.

* What won't be getting attention is my teeth. They'll have to stay as slightly-off as they are (in alignment, not freshness - still not a filling in sight). The expense and time required to fix them is simply not worth it. And they still do what teeth are supposed to.

After many years of being over-charged for medical aid and never claiming a thing, this year they're gonna pay! :-) And I'm finally going to sort out some things I've let slide way too long.