I'm starting to wonder just how many ephiphanies one can have in a single lifetime. I feel like I've been bombarded with them recently.

Just to poke a thorn in a couple of sides - perhaps it's since I came off coffee and my mind cleared up that it's been able to see clearly now the caffiene is gone? :-) (An aside - I can't drink coffee anymore! Tried, one mouthful later spat it out. Just can't! Still smells good, just can't swallow it.)

Nevertheless - most of these ephiphanies are such that I can't blog about them, but I've had inspiration and lightbulb moments coming at me thick and fast. From the interpersonal to the work-related, from mundane to way-out-crazy, it's like puzzle pieces falling into place. Granted, a puzzle that's mostly sky-blue without a pattern in sight, but they seem to be interlocking without much effort on my part and blowing me away in the process.

It's actually pretty cool, and I think it's adding to the deep-down contentment I find myself living with. A sense that I'm doing OK, heading in the right direction, and don't need to fear for the future. That life need not be led conventionally, nor societal expectations always conformed to. And that no matter what crazy steps I take in any direction, I'll survive it.

And survive it well!

So those ephiphanies? Bring them on. Keep them coming. With enough lightbulb moments I might actually get a clear view of the road ahead. But if not - the fun's in the journey, and I'm here for the ride.