Suck it up

I'm still in holiday mode. I don't want a constantly ringing phone, nor to have to rush through the day working hard non-stop. I don't want people streaming in the door, nor do I want to be running to a fax machine constantly.

Yet this is what January in my office looks like. And February. And November and December. While some lazy sods turn a crisp red next to the sea, I'm slogging.

Today I really don't want to be. Yesterday I wanted it even less - it was a brilliant summer day outside. But I think I've remembered now why we haven't actually been to the beach the entire summer last year - and why it seems we may not make it again this year. Even though we live about 8km from the seashore. In a word - WORK. I rush here, I work hard all day, I go home and collapse (or do all the home stuff I still need to keep up with). Unwilling to face the inevitable traffic jam heading for the waters after 5, or the still-lingering tourists taking up all the parking.

Summer is not a holiday. It's work.

So today I'm trying to convince myself to simply suck it up and knuckle down. Hard to do though. Way too hard....