24-hour blitz

Things I've learnt in the past 24 hours:

* I'm stronger than I thought. I'm more settled than I thought. I'm more "me" than I thought. I may just have grown up some.

* My instincts are still spot-on, and I can trust them. They've been telling me things way in advance of actually having them confirmed - gonna listen properly in future.

* One can get by on 3 hours sleep without looking too terrible - but probably not for more than 2 nights in a row.

* When the mind churns, you end up with some VERY weird dreams. Duvets and pillows can be your enemy at 2 in the morning.

* Just when you thought you'd taken all that could be thrown your way, life will throw you another curve ball. Just catch the damn thing.

* Some things are a whole lot harder to say than to do.

* One page of your journal can differ dramatically in perspective from the next. It's all in the journey - nothing is ever certain. Only some things are constants.

* Deep breathing is a good thing.

* Having a crazy friend or two helps. More than you realize.