I made the mistake of watching "Under the Tuscan Sun" this weekend - something I've been threatening to do since it came out in 2003. And yes, it was a mistake, because:

* I always end up crying in those kind of movies
* I now want to move to Tuscany and shag Italians
* or at the very least become a tragically eccentric resident

Yeah I know - it's a movie and they glorify some aspects of the whole experience (both Tuscan and Italian-shagging). Reality may be a whole different story. But here's the thing - every time I see images of Tuscany my heart goes "YES!". Like it's taken a big deep breath of sun-tinged air, laced with ripe grapes, warm grass and mellow age.

It's hard to describe other than it feels like my soul-home. And yet I've never been there!

I wonder if there are some places that just kick up a knowing in you, a recognition although you're not a part of them. It's like you're homesick for a home you've never had - that if you were to turn up there it would be deja vu, you'd know the turns in the road, the vista not yet unfolded before you even saw it.

Tuscany is on my to-do list. I'll get there one day, sooner rather than later. But if it's a mere visit, I hope I'll get up the courage to leave again...