OK, today is turning into One Of Those Days, and it's not even 10:00! That Monty Python song "always look on the bright side of life" is on repeat in my head (ignoring the fact that it is, in reality a Death Scene song and most of the lyrics are pretty darn depressing.. :-) ). I'm still trying to shake the weekend's headache, mend some heart-cracks, sort out fantasy.vs.reality and sell enough chocolate brownies & granola to cover this week's groceries.

See, the thing is this - when I'm feeling down/blue/crying my eyes out, I bake. Yesterday I baked A LOT. Today I make a profit!

There's an upside to every situation! :-)

But at the same time I really just want to crawl under a rock and hide away. I don't want no crap from no-one, and smiling happily at my clients is becoming very hard to do. Constantly. I'd really rather be getting into one of the two car engines, or exploring a new place on this planet, or... well a whole lot of stuff. Anything to take my mind off the weekend's depressing ephiphanies - which are still being sorted out and will take some doing* - or distract the hell out of me.

Instead I'm back to the grindstone, lots of work to do - no chance of an afternoon off (was hoping for one, the car's exhaust needs doing, and I need to find some contact lenses), not even chance of sick leave to cover the still-not-lekker.

There's only one word to describe today. "Eish".

* note to self - when already feeling down, Seether played loudly isn't going to help, especially when you suddenly notice all the lyrics have to do with either killing yourself or killing someone else... and loud doesn't do headache well