Things I'll miss here:

* Friday afternoons off. Every Friday. And one other afternoon per month.

* My view - peace and quiet and so close to nature that you risk being accosted by puffadders over lunchtime.

* Own office - a space to claim and make mine, with a door that closes when it gets too much (but is always open to those who need to stop by).

* Walking to work, walking home again. In 2 minutes flat.

* Early morning quiet, after the kid's gone to school and before I have to leave - that half-hour to myself that gets me off on the right foot.

* Some pretty good people.

* 20 days leave a year (well - 27 this year, I carried some over, but haven't taken any!)

Things I won't miss:

* Having to conform in ways big and small.

* Selling brownies to cover groceries.

* Hiding the real me.

* Some not-so-good people.. :-)

Things I'm not looking forward to:

* More time away from my kid (no more lunch-chats).

* Not being within seconds of home if there's a problem.

* The Big Bad World out there (moving from a very safe environment into one where crime needs to be considered).

Things I'm looking forward to:

* Decent salary.

* Commute (yeah, I'm weird - I love driving).

* Challenge.

* New horizons.