Dark Ages

Between Eskom cutting power now and then and Telkom simply collapsing the entire internet access thingie, it's almost like we're headed back through time to the days where there Was.No.Internet (ie we had to club people over the head to talk to them).

I really wish we'd get someone who could:

1. replace Eskom's monopoly over our power with a green solution that didn't fail when you dropped a bolt in it. A little wind power (we have LOTS of wind!) or solar power ("darkest" Africa ain't that dark...). But no, apparently they want to build more power stations - nuclear or coal-based.

2. wrest the telecommunications network from Telkom's grubby, customer-unserviced paws. Drop the price of access, sort out the bandwidth limit and speed issues, get some decent cover etc.

That way I may actually be able to Blog. Provided Google stops with it's bX-j-something-or-other errors...